fashion meets art

The love story between art and fashion has a long history. Viewing fashion design as a form of art, monTieu has put a new spin on this inter-connectivity. Inspired mainly by modernist sculpture, sculptural images are translated into minimal, abstract collage compositions that are hand sewn onto classical clothing items. The result? Original, artsy pieces that go beyond fashion and can be worn all day long.


sustainable fashion

We believe in sustainable fashion. Therefore, our T-shirts and sweatshirts are made of certified organic cotton, which gives them a soft and luxurious feel.  Of excellent quality, they are made to last. Also, we keep our stock levels low, so nothing goes to waste.

who makes your clothes

Our organic T-shirts and sweatshirts carry the fair wear mark, while the embellishments are hand made in Greece. All the other garments, as well as our hand made shoes, are made with loving care in local Greek workshops that keep old traditions alive.