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monTieu is an edgy Greek brand that specializes in unique designs inspired by modernist European sculpture. Following in the footsteps of Elsa Schiaparelli / Salvador Dali and Yves Saint Laurent/ Piet Mondriaan, monTieu uses the plastic arts as a reference and aims at reinventing the concept of esthetics in fashion design.  A winning combination of artistic design, elegant cut and gorgeous silk fabric truly make these dresses works of art in their own right!



The love story between art and fashion has a long history. Viewing fashion design as a form of art, monTieu has put a new spin on this inter-connectivity. Without losing sight of key concepts such as utility and wearability when it comes to fashion, sculptural images are translated into exquisite collage compositions that are carefully stitched onto beautifully made garments. The result? Timeless, original, artsy pieces that go beyond fashion and can be cherished and worn for many years.

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monTieu @ Pgallery | sculpture, Koumbari 6, 10674 Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel. ±30 210 36 35 632, info.montieu@gmail.com, info@pgallerysculpture.com